Why do you need a cigar bar at your wedding?

Once you have made the big decisions on where, when, and the dress, its time to start looking at the other areas in which you can really make your wedding the one of your dreams. One of the best accent pieces is a wedding cigar bar. 

What is a wedding cigar bar?   There are tons of different varieties out there, but what we offer at Stuart’s Mobile Cigar Experience is a small bar that comes with cigars, but also includes a tobacconist, ashtrays, cutters, and lighters.  We provide everything your guests need to enjoy their cigar smoking experience.  A tobacconist will help your guests choose, cut, and light their cigars and will direct guests to smoking areas during the wedding reception.

Why?  Cigars are well known accessories to life milestones, with the big milestones being weddings, bachelor parties, groomsman days, having a child, getting a promotion, or just having a reason to spend time with friends.  Cigars are considered an affordable luxury, meaning they are in reach for almost everyone, and are a great way to relax. Four reasons to include a cigar bar in your wedding plan include:

  1.  Cigars bring people together.   The best part about having cigars at your wedding is that they are the perfect conversation starter.  Very often, soon after I light a cigar at a wedding, cigar lounge, birthday party, or just afternoon bar crawl, one or two people I have never met before find me and we start talking cigars.   They are the perfect icebreaker, cigar people love talking cigars with other cigar folks. This is a great way to bring together the various sections of your new blended family.
  2. Cigars are relaxing.  The entire ritual of lighting a cigar and slowly smoking it to enjoy the flavors of the tobacco while contrasting that with your drink of choice is a relaxing and ultimately enjoyable activity. On your wedding day, taking the time to smoke a cigar forces you to slow down, think about the moment, and revel in the fact that you just got married and had the wedding of your dreams. Those little moments are the best part of the wedding day, and a cigar is a great way to make memories.  Having a wedding cigar bar is a great way to share that enjoyment with everyone who is interested.
  3. Wedding cigar bars are hassle free, if you hire a cigar vendor. A good cigar bar with a solid tobacconist will be able to help all your guests with their cigar needs, including cutting, lighting, and picking the appropriate cigar.  My favorite moments are helping someone who wants to try their first cigar because they are at an important wedding, and it will only happen once. Your tobacconist is essentially a bartender for cigars and will be there to help with every one of your guests with their cigar needs.
  4. Perfect for cocktail hour.  One of the hardest things to do when planning a wedding is plan out activities for your guests while you and your family’s are taking ALL the wedding pictures.  These pictures are important and will be kept for decades both by you and your families. But for those guests not in the photos, this is the perfect time for your guests to enjoy a cigar and a cocktail and get to know each other while waiting for the rest of the night to kick off. When finalizing your cigar bar, we will make sure that we have the perfect selection for your guests that fits both your palate and provides a number of options for your guests, as well as fits the spaces where smoking is most likely at your venue. We will work with your venue, and coordinator, if applicable, to take care of everything for you.

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